That would make our grandmothers proud


Our Story

Grounded in the deep southern tradition of preserving.

Hinton Cannery delivers handmade, small batch faire that would make our Grandmothers proud. We use the same traditional methods but pair fresh flavors for a bold modern take. Our recipes are named for the great women who inspired them. 

Each and every jar is crafted in small batches and hand packed with care. Only fresh, local ingredients make their way into our kitchen. By obtaining our ingredients at their peak of ripeness and processing them quickly, Hinton Cannery evokes a true farm to table experience.


Meet our chef, Daniel Rowe


Daniel’s earliest and most cherished memories remain snapping green beans with Grandma Rowe and rolling pastry dough with Granny Hinton. Raised by women who taught him to roll up his ‘apron’  sleeves, it was at their side he learned that cooking is family.

Daniel’s attention to detail and nuance flows from his training as a classical ballet dancer. He also studied at the French Pastry School in Chicago, completing both L’ Art du Gateau and L’ Art de la Patisserie. From there, Daniel went on to complete an internship under Pastry Chefs Sarah Kosikowski and Patrick Fahy at the Trump International Hotel. 

Drawn to the beauty of classic techniques and interesting flavor combinations, Daniel found his niche in preserving and in the fall of 2015 Hinton Cannery was created.



Fall 2016 Seasonal Selections


Radish Dill • Okra • Carrot Thai Chili
 Cucumber Peppercorn


Blueberry Lavender


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Tomato HabaÑero• Pear

Flavor Notes and Pairings

Cucumber Peppercorn - Our version of bread and butter pickles. Sweet and Tangy with a nice crunch. Great with barbecue and smoked meats.

Spiced Beet - Notes of clove and star anise add a pleasant warmth to the beets. Pair with a creamy goat’s cheese and peppery arugula salad.

Radish Dill - our ode to dill style pickling. These radishes pack a punch. Ideal with chicken liver mousse on a cracker. 

Tomato Habañero - some like it hot! This tangy and spicy spread is perfect on a brat or grilled veggies.

Pear Relish - The sweetness of the pears coupled with a kick of mustard and white pepper. Pork loin is its natural companion.

Blueberry Lavender - Tart and floral, delight your guests with a cocktail of champagne, blueberry brine, and pickled blueberries. 

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